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    RePete is NMSU’s property & supplies marketplace to facilitate the exchange of useful property and supplies.

    Do you have unused university-owned equipment or supplies in your department that could benefit some other NMSU department?  Make it available by listing it on RePete.

    Do you need equipment or supplies but lack the funds to purchase them new?  RePete might just the place to find what you’re seeking. 

    By transferring items to other units, you give them a second life and contribute to NMSU’s sustainability effort by recycling amongst NMSU departments; collectively we can reduce the strain on departmental budgets.

    So, whether you have unused items you can spare or have a need for something to further your operation, make RePete your destination for property exchange! 

    Special information about computers and monitors:  We receive many of these items on a regular basis. Because of space constraints, we cannot list each one on RePete. (We very much appreciate those departments listing these items before sending them to the warehouse!) If you have a need for computers or monitors and do not see what you need on RePete, please contact us at nmsuproperty@nmsu.edu or 575-646-3139 to let us know what is needed and if there are specific requirements, such as a particular operating system; we can notify you when we receive something that meets your needs.


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